The policy you are reading at the moment will define all the essentials regarding your privacy, especially how we use the collected information and how we protect them.

Furthermore, the policy will be updated on a regular basis. The main reason for modifications is usages of new technologies needed to improve your experience.

This website uses cookies which will make the user experience better, thanks to faster loading times and better overall experience. It is essential in order to make the services even better.

Once accessed, the computer will send a few pieces of information, including URL, IP address and the time and date of when the website has been accessed. Additional, type of a web browser will be revealed as well.

In case you contact us, we will store the messages and the information provided as long as it takes. The main goal here is to provide exceptional support to all visitors.

Hyperlinks and affiliates
At the, you may see hyperlinks and affiliate implementations. Once you click on them, you will be taken to the third-party website. We inform you that doesn’t control their information processing, nor we share with them. It is advised to read the privacy policy at other websites.

The data and the information which will be acquired by third parties are not included in the privacy policy you are reading at the moment. Also, we don’t take liability for any operations or services other websites will provide.

Protection of the personal information
We truly understand how important personal information are and we have taken severe steps into protecting them at all times. The servers we use are ultra-secure and they are maintained by high-qualified staff, capable of making them even better and fully using all the features they have. Using the latest firewalls is mandatory as well, in order to prevent possible attacks to the server. All the systems are upgraded frequently. In addition, only the basic and mandatory information access is available internally.

Contact us for further details
If you have any questions regarding the website, services or anything else, we will gladly answer your questions. Feel free to contact us here.